A Very Recurring Individual
   Jeffrey's television career spans 25 years of not only guest starring on various series and shows but he's also credited with creating some very memorable characters.  He is the only actor to have roles on three consecutive series from the Star Trek franchise as well as appearing as different characters within a single series.  For ST: Deep Space Nine he began playing Tiron, a rich patron of Quarks bar followed by Liquidator Brunt, a Ferengi Commerce Authority agent to which he reprised many times.  His most notable recurring role was Weyoun the Vorta, a fan favorite.  He has portrayed this character in over 2 dozen episodes of DS9.  Afterwards he moved on to play Penk on ST: Voyager and finally as another fan favorite the Andorian Shran on Enterprise which featured numerous episodes focused on this character.

    Other roles have featured Jeffrey in a wide range of characters from scientists to villains and unseedy individuals not to mention a variety of voice-over roles in animated series.

    His more recent noteworthy role was on the USA Network series The 4400 where he created the character Kevin Burkhoff, a key scientist in the survival of the human race in which he starred in 15 episodes.  He was sure to have continued the character for quite a while more if the series hadn't suffered cancellation after the fourth season.

Television Credits
2012The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest HeroesAssault on 42Samuel Sterns/The Leader (v)June 12
 Transformers PrimeDarkest HourRatchet (vo)Nov 2
 Transformers PrimeRegenerationRatchet (vo)Oct 26
 Transformers PrimeInside JobRatchet (vo)Oct 12
 Transformers PrimeHard KnocksRatchet (vo)Oct 5
 Transformers PrimeAlpha; OmegaRatchet (vo)Sep 28
 Transformers PrimeLegacyRatchet (vo)Sep 21
 Transformers PrimeThe Human FactorRatchet (vo)Sep 14
 Transformers PrimeNew RecruitRatchet (vo)Sep 7
 Transformers PrimeOut of the PastRatchet (vo)Aug 31
 Transformers PrimeHurtRatchet (vo)Aug 24
 Transformers PrimeToxicityRatchet (vo)May 26
 Transformers PrimeTriageRatchet (vo)May 19
 Transformers PrimeTriangulationRatchet (vo)May 12
 Transformers PrimeTunnel VisionRatchet (vo)May 5
 Transformers PrimeFlying MindRatchet (vo)April 28
 Transformers PrimeArmadaRatchet (vo)April 21
 Transformers PrimeNemesis PrimeRatchet (vo)April 7
 Transformers PrimeCrossfireRatchet (vo)March 31
 Transformers PrimeLoose CannonsRatchet (vo)March 24
 Transformers PrimeOperation Bumblebee: Part 2Ratchet (vo)March 17
 Transformers PrimeOperation Bumblebee: Part 1Ratchet (vo)March 10
 Transformers PrimeOrion Pax: Part 3Ratchet (vo)March 3
 Transformers PrimeOrion Pax: Part 2Ratchet (vo)Feb 25
 Transformers PrimeOrion Pax: Part 1Ratchet (vo)Feb 18
 Inside HorrorRe-AnimatedHimselfMay 7
 Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesMonkey BrainsDr. Victor Falco (vo)Nov 3
 ThundercatsThe Soul SeverSoul Sever (vo)June 2
2011Scooby-Doo! Mystery IncorporatedPawn of Shadow H.P. Hatecraft (vo)June 5
 Transformers PrimeOne Shall Rise: Part 3Ratchet (vo)Oct 4
 Transformers PrimeOne Shall Rise: Part 2Ratchet (vo)Oct 3
 Transformers PrimeOne Shall Rise: Part 1Ratchet (vo)Sep 29
 Transformers PrimeOne Shall FallRatchet (vo)Aug 21
 Transformers PrimeStronger, FasterRatchet (vo)Aug 14
 Transformers PrimeT.M.I.Ratchet (vo)Aug 7
 Transformers PrimePartnersRatchet (vo)July 23
 Transformers PrimeMetal AttractionRatchet (vo)July 9
 Transformers PrimeOperation: BreakdownRatchet (vo)June 18
 Transformers PrimeShadowzoneRatchet (vo)May 14
 Transformers PrimeOut of His HeadRatchet (vo)May 7
 Transformers PrimeSick MindRatchet (vo)April 30
 Transformers PrimeDeus Ex MachinaRatchet (vo)March 11
 Transformers PrimeConvoyRatchet (vo)March 4
 Transformers PrimeCon JobRatchet (vo)Feb 25
 Transformers PrimeScrapheapRatchet (vo)Feb 18
 Transformers PrimeMasters & StudentsRatchet (vo)Feb 11
 The Witches of Oz Mini SeriesEpisode dated 5 July 2011FrankJuly 5
 This Week in HorrorEdgar Allan PoeHimselfMarch 14
2010Transformers PrimeDarkness Rising: Part 5Ratchet (vo)Dec 3
 Transformers PrimeDarkness Rising: Part 4Ratchet (vo)Dec 2
 Transformers PrimeDarkness Rising: Part 3Ratchet (vo)Dec 1
 Transformers PrimeDarkness Rising: Part 2Ratchet (vo)Nov 26
 Transformers PrimeDarkness Rising: Part 1Ratchet (vo)Nov 26
 The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest HeroesGamma World, Part 2Samuel Sterns/The Leader (v)Nov 26
 The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest HeroesGamma World, Part 1Samuel Sterns/The Leader (v)Nov 26
 The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest HeroesThor the MightySamuel Sterns/The Leader (v)Oct 24
 The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest HeroesBreakout: Part 1Samuel Sterns/The Leader (v)Oct 20
 Scooby-Doo! Mystery IncorporatedThe Shrieking MadnessH.P. Hatecraft (vo)Oct 18
 Chadman(Repressed) MemoriesViceroy (vo)June 15
 ChadmanCut from CardboardViceroy (vo)June 15
 ChadmanRipley Believe It or NotViceroy (vo)June 15
 ChadmanDying Is a Part of LifeViceroy (vo)June 22
 ChadmanLittle Orphan Viceroy Viceroy (vo)June 22
 ChadmanNo Time to Say HelloViceroy (vo) June 22
2009The Dunwich HorrorTV MovieWilbur WhateleyDec 13
 Batman: The Brave and the BoldLong Arm of the Law!Kite Man (vo)Dec 11
2008Cold CaseSpidersSly BordenFeb 17
2007The 4400The Great Leap ForwardKevin BurkhoffSept 16
The 4400Tiny MachinesKevin BurkhoffSept 9
The 4400Ghost in the MachineKevin BurkhoffAugust 26
The 4400One of UsKevin BurkhoffAugust 19
The 4400Daddy’s Little GirlKevin BurkhoffAugust 12
The 4400The Wrath of GrahamKevin BurkhoffJune 17
Masters of HorrorThe Black CatEdgar Allan PoeJan 07
2006Justice League UnlimitedGrudge MatchThe Question (vo)Feb 06
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!Incident on Ranger 7Gyrus Krinkle (vo)Sept 06
The 4400The New World Pt 1 & 2 Kevin BurkhoffJune 06
The 4400Fifty-FiftyKevin BurkhoffAug 06
The 4400Terrible Swift SwordKevin BurkhoffAug 06
The 4400The Ballad of Kevin and TessKevin BurkhoffJuly 06
The 4400Being Tom BaldwinKevin BurkhoffJune 06
The 4400Wake-Up Call Pt 2Kevin BurkhoffJune 05
2005The 4400Mommy's bossesKevin BurkhoffAug 05
The 4400The Fifth PageKevin BurkhoffAug 05
The 4400LockdownKevin BurkhoffAug 05
Justice League UnlimitedFlashpointThe Question (vo)July 02
Justice League UnlimitedQuestion AuthorityThe Question (vo)June 25
Hammerhead: Shark FrenzyOriginal ProductionScientistJune 18
The 4400Wake-Up Call Pt 1Kevin BurkhoffJune 05
Justice League UnlimitedDouble DateThe Question (vo)June 04
Enterprise#98 These Are the VoyagesShranMay 13
Enterprise#90 The AenarShranFeb 11
Enterprise#89 UnitedShranFeb 04
Enterprise#88 Babel OneShranJan 28
2004Enterprise#085 Kir'SharaShranDec 03
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!#111 A Man Called KrinkleGyrus Krinkle (vo)Nov 20
Justice League UnlimitedFearful SymmetryThe Question (vo)Sep 04
Enterprise#076 Zero HourShranMay 26
Enterprise#065 Proving GroundShranJan 21
2003CSI- Crime Scene InvestigationJackpotDr. Dale SterlingNov 6
Spider-ManFlash MemoryDr. Zellner (vo)Aug 29
Spider-ManHead Over HeelsProfessor (vo)July 25
She SpiesThe ReplacementIndigoApril 21
The Twilight ZonePlacebo EffectHarry RadditchApril 2
Enterprise#041 Cease FireShranFeb 12
2002Enterprise#019 AcquisitionKremMarch 27
Enterprise#014 Shadows of P'JemShranFeb 6
2001Enterprise#007 The Andorian IncidentShranOct 31
2000Martial LawIn The DarkAnton TrembleApr 29
FreakyLinksSubject: Live Fast, Die YoungCoronerJune 1
Star Trek Voyager#232 TsunkatsePenkFeb 09
1999Star Trek:DS9Pt1 &Pt2#575 & #576 What You Leave BehindWeyoun (+ cameo)June 02
Star Trek:DS9#574 The Dogs of WarWeyoun / BruntMay 26
Star Trek:DS9#572 Tacking Into the WindWeyounMay 12
Star Trek:DS9#570 The Changing Face of EvilWeyounApr 28
Star Trek:DS9#569 Strange BedfellowsWeyounApr 21
Star Trek:DS9#568 Till Death Do Us PartWeyounApr 14
Star Trek:DS9#567 PenumbraWeyounApr 07
Star Trek:DS9#562 The Emperor's New CloakBruntFeb 03
The NetLunatic FringeMax CopernicusJan 16
1998Star Trek:DS9#556 Treachery, Faith and the Great RiverWeyoun (6/7)Nov 04
Star Trek:DS9#552 Shadows and SymbolsWeyounOct 07
Star Trek:DS9#551 Image In the SandWeyounSep 30
Star Trek:DS9#550 Tears Of the ProphetsWeyounJun 17
Star Trek:DS9#547 Profit and LaceBruntMay 13
Star Trek:DS9#543 In The Pale MoonlightWeyounApr 15
Star Trek:DS9#542 InquisitionWeyounApr 08
Star Trek:DS9#538 Far Beyond The StarsMulkaheyFeb 11
Star Trek:DS9#535 WaltzWeyounJan 08
Star Trek:DS9#534 The Magnificent FerengiBruntJan 1
1997Star Trek:DS9#533 Statistical ProbabilitiesWeyounNov 24
Star Trek:DS9#530 The Sacrifice of AngelsWeyounNov 03
Star Trek:DS9#529 Favor the BoldWeyounOct 27
Star Trek:DS9#528 Behind the LinesWeyounOct 20
Star Trek:DS9#525 A Time To StandWeyounSep 29
Star Trek:DS9#524 A Call To ArmsWeyounJun 14
Star Trek:DS9#523 In The CardsWeyounJun 07
Star Trek:DS9#518 Ferengi Love SongsWeyounApr 21
Star Trek:DS9#517 Ties Of Blood And WaterWeyounApr 14
New Batman Superman AdventuresNever FearScarecrowNov 1
Perversions of ScienceExilePrisoner#50557Jun 11
1996Star Trek:DS9#497 Body PartsBruntJun 08
Star Trek:DS9#496 To The DeathWeyounMay 13
Star Trek:DS9#488 Bar AssociationBruntFeb 17
The Single GuyThe VirginKleinNov 7
1995Star Trek:DS9#469 Family BusinessBruntMay 15
1994Babylon 5EyesHarriman GrayJul 14
SistersProtective MeasuresDerekMay 14
Star Trek:DS9#454 MeridianTironNov 14
Ultraman: The Ultimate HeroA Quartet Of CreaturesSheck(?)
1991The FlashCaptain ColdJimmy SwainApr 06
Hunter Pt 2Fatal ObsessionJames WilkensJan 9
Life Goes OnInvasion of the Thatcher SnatchersBurk CliftonNov 17
1989Freddy's NightmaresLove StinksRalphFeb 26
Incredibly Strange Film ShowTsui Hark & Stuart Gordon (Se 2, Ep 5)HimselfOct 20
1988Jake And The Fat ManWhat Is This Thing Called Love?Allen ShubaJan 26
1987Beauty And The BeastNo Way DownPythonOct 16
Houston NightsLady SmokeFrank StarkOct 20
1983The MississippiWe Remember, We RevereApril 15
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