Screen Caps and Stills
Listed here are various screenshots and still from both movies and television roles Jeffrey has had in his career.  As more become available they will be listed.
Abominable All Souls Day Babylon 5
Beyond Reanimator    
Candids / Conventions
If you've ever attended a Star Trek convention or any number of horror cons held around the world chances are you've probably had the fortune of meeting Jeffrey in person.  When time allows Jeffrey loves to attend conventions and meet his fans in person where you can trust that he will visit with each and every person to stop by and say hello.  If you've never been able to attend a convention with Jeffrey then maybe you'll enjoy seeing some photos from various cons he's been to over the years.

Wallpapers / Posters


On this page you will find various wallpapers of Jeffrey in character and as himself.

Movie Posters

Here is a collection of various movie and television posters from Jeffrey's vast list of works.

Collectable Cards
There have been various trading card sets depicting characters from several of Jeffrey's works.  From Star Trek to The 4400, movies and television shows alike have found their place in collector card sets.  Sadly, most all of these now are long out of print but most can be readily found still at comic shops and online.

Decipher even created a collectable card game (ccg) based on Star Trek which became very popular.  The game included characters, races, ships and more from across the entire franchise old and new, big screen and small.

Jeffrey has numerous cards dedicated to roles he's played.  The images here are not complete yet and more will be added in as they are acquired.

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