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The OJCWS is a non-profit organization.  Donations not used for operating expenses are donated to Jeffrey’s charity of choice - The City of Hope - which is an organization committed to the ongoing fight against cancer.

City of Hope

City of Hope National Medical Center and Beckman Research Institute, a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, is one of the world’s leading research and treatment centers for cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses.  City of Hope researchers are at the forefront of genetic research, which holds great potential for treating thousands of known disorders.  A contribution to City of Hope supports compassionate, patient-centered care, and perpetuates a lengthy history of research accomplishments, including development of the lifesaving bone marrow transplantation procedure and the development of Humulin®, a low-cost synthetic insulin used by millions of people with diabetes worldwide.  The work conducted at City of Hope is shared with medical centers worldwide, touching the lives of millions of people.  Your support of City of Hope will advance future discoveries, improve patient care and treatment options, and allow us to continue saving lives.

Mission Statement:  City of Hope, an innovative biomedical research, treatment and educational institution, is dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer and other life-threatening diseases, guided by a compassionate, patient-centered philosophy and supported by a national foundation of humanitarian philanthropy.

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